Crafted natures: A Beach Seen By Its Fishermen

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Today, many European cities are still struggling to reinvent their development model in response to the effects of deindustrialization. It is in these contexts that nature, landscape and heritage are gaining more and more importance within leisure and tourism based urban models. This is the case of Cadiz, a small city in southern Spain where La Caleta, a little beach located at its downtown, has become one of the main touristic icons of the city. Due to its particular location, history and morphology, this tiny cove boasts a vast diversity of ichthyofauna, being also an important local heritage site which, alongside, functions customarily as one of the city’s most emblematic, active and dynamic open public spaces. Drawing from the results of an ongoing doctoral thesis, this presentation deals with the local fisher’s notion of nature, in order to understand how do they make sense of the symbolic and material reconstruction the beach has undergone, and the position they’re assigned in the process. By doing so, I show how this discourses are percolated by urban conflicts derived from the adaptation process taken by the city on its transit, from an industrial to a tourism based development model.

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urban political ecology;environmental anthropology;urban nature;artisan fishing


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