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The article presents an overview of contemporary Czech shamanism based on the field research the author has been conducting since 2017 among the Czech shamanic communities. Despite the specific Czech distrust to ‘religion’ and ‘formalized ritualization’ in general, shamanism enjoys particular popularity. Particular attention is paid to the concept of illnesses and shamanic treatment. It is argued that the shamanic ‘action approach’ to human adversity offers a rather broad and attractive explanation as to what is experienced and performed during the shamanic ritual. Therefore, the second part is dedicated to shamanic ritual - the paraphernalia, ritual set and setting, which creates a space for ritual practice as well as a safe-space for spontaneous communitas, and one’s own understanding of this psychotherapeutic and religious experience. The final part is concluded by the specifics of contemporary Czech shamanism in the pervasive discourse of modern western spirituality.


contemporary shamanism;neoshamanism;shamanic ritual;shamanic healing;shamanic healing ritual;modern western shamanism

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