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The transformation of spatial structures due to the migration fl ows is refl ected not only in forms of interactions between representatives of a majority and minorities, but also in forms of implementation of integration strategies. The study shows that the implementation of integration strategies towards non-EU immigrants is strongly contextually conditioned: the demand (within the limits of available fi nancial and human resources) determines the offer. The study evaluated integration measures applied by public and private stakeholders in selected areas with the aim to promote the integration of non-EU immigrants into the local labour market during the current economic crisis (since 2008). The analysis was elaborated on the basis of four e-mail surveys with representatives of the Labour Offi ce, employees of the local and regional departments of social affairs, representatives of regional Centres for integration of foreigners, and members of Nongovernmental organisations. E-mail surveys took place in spring 2012.

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iintegration; immigrants; labour market; legal competences; economic crisis

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