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The text introduces the milestones in the history of the journal Český lid through an annotated edition of selected editorials that are presented together with brief characteristics of their authors, who in them formulated their visions of further functioning of the journal. The editorials tellingly refl ect the epoch of which they were born, including the ruling ideologies, and at the same time the wishes and aspirations of the editors, often leading personalities of Czech science and culture. At the same time, the article evaluates, and also critically, the fact that the proposals presented in the editorials were subsequently not carried on in practice, due to actual or political-ideological reasons. However, in many cases, especially in the second half of the twentieth century, the divergence between the publicly declared course of the journal and its concrete contents had positive results. The text is being supplemented by pictorial appendix that shows the transformations of the visual self-presentation of Český lid since its founding until the recent past.

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the journal Český lid;history of regional history;history of science, academic writing

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