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The study resumes selected results of qualitative research of cross-generational transformations of lifestyle in the region of Hlučín. Its goal is to contribute to the knowledge of the situation when modernization infl uences in the area of lifestyle meet traditional, often conservative values. Our research shows that the region of Hlučín is undergoing modernization, but it has kept some traditional features, for example intense religiosity, local endogamy and accentuation of communality. These facts prove that the modernizing social structure offers, besides limitations, also the chances that make possible the individual choice. These choices, however, are often infl uenced by the interpretation through traditional values that come from the traditional environment of the region of Hlučín. In this region, in cross-generational development leads to the weakening of the pressure for normative conformity and therefore there is no open confrontation and increase in tensions between generations. Our hypothesis that the cross-generational development leads to the weakening of the historical context and the increase in the infl uence of modernization processes, was confi rmed, equally as the hypothesis of the existence of the specifi c regional identity of Hlučín. To its formation and corroboration contributed not only a rich communal life, but also the development of folklorism.

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lifestyle; generation; modernization; regional identity; local endogamy, religiosity; communality

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