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This text is focused on those Volhynian Czechs who did not return back. The Volhynian Czechs are the last members of huge Czech minority in Volhynia (territory of former Volhynia gubernia in the Russian Empire). Historical literature has so far focused mostly on the history of this minority since its arrival to Volhynia in 1868 to the return of most of its members and their settlement in Czechoslovakia around 1947. But smaller part of them didn’t return and thanks to them the Czech diaspora continues in Volhynia. At fi rst, we specify the number of those Czechs who did not return and introduce their associations and then we analyze the compatriot association Stromovka. The members of this association call themselves compatriots, but in fact this term only applies to the oldest members. Still the labelling reaches also the younger members, who identify themselves as Ukrainians. The Stromovka and its ties to Czech institutions make easier their migration to the Czech Republic. Stromovka is, therefore, a diasporic organization, whose goal (among others) is to prepare its members for return migration. Therefore, it corroborates and helps the Ukrainian migration fl ows to Central and Western Europe.

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non-reemigrated volhynian Czechs; Ukraine; compatriotic associations, labelling; diasporic organization; migration

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