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In the Czech Republic are also foreign communities, which were not traditional in Central Europe, however became part of the Czech Republic ethnic spectrum and we can assume their further development. One of these communities is the Kurdish community; it is not very large (it has only about 200 members), but this community is certainly interesting. The Kurdish Community seeks to promote organized interests, they are linked to the wider Kurdish Diaspora in other countries and to their home countries as well, and therefore we are able to identify their transnational activities. The fi rst Kurdish students who were politically active came to former Czechoslovakia in the 60s of the 20th century. Most of them were Kurds from Syria and Iraq and were pivotal in infl uencing the work of the former Kurdish student union. After the revolutionary events of 1989, the Kurdish community composition changed – more Kurds from Turkey arrived. Members of the Union of Kurdish Students established in the 2003 Kurdish civil association, which represents the only functioning organization. The main task of the study is a description and analysis of the genesis of the Kurdish Diaspora in CR on the one hand and on the other hand the analysis of the promotion of their political interests.

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Kurds; transnationalism; transnational politics; kurdish interests; the Czech Republic

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